Frequently Asked Questions

What is fitdomme?

Fitdomme is equal parts blissful and strenuous, a kinky version of the workouts you should be doing anyway.  Think of me as your personal trainer with a whip - and a better wardrobe!

Fitdomme sessions are bespoke. They vary from classic fitness coaching with a kinky flair to titillating playtime with an emphasis on physical exertion.

If you've always wished someone would just make you work out, fitdomme may be for you.

Do you accept couples?

Absolutely! I am honored to work with couples of all genders and sexual orientations to facilitate and evolve their kinky desires.

One of the things I love most about working with couples is the opportunity to validate their relationship, whatever the constraints on it outside my sanctuary. All of us need to be seen, and kink often requires a special environment to truly feel free to explore.

I do ask for individual communication with each of you prior to our session, to ensure that everyone is excited about the prospect of spending time together. My hour-long coffee consults are a perfect opportunity for this.

I also require an additional tribute of +$100/session for couples. This helps compensate for the additional time and attentiveness required to address both of your needs, desires, and limits, plus those of your relationship.

Why didn't you reply to me?

Most likely, you made it apparent in your email that you didn't read my site thoroughly. If you request something I state that I do not do, I will not reply. If you fail to address me with proper respect (which typically also includes at least an attempt at proper English), I will not reply. If I have already told you that I will not play with you, I will not reply. If you sent an unreasonable amount of information with your first email (really, to answer my questions, three paragraphs is plenty), I will not reply.

If you are in any other way like every other fuckboy on the internet, including if you propose an in-person session during a global pandemic, I will not reply.

Do you do professional submission/pro-sub work?

Absolutely not. If you request submission from me, expect to receive no reply to your inquiry.

I occasionally offer duos with professional submissives. Please inquire for more information.

Do you see people like me?

I don’t discriminate based on gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, religious affiliation, size, ability, or prior experience level with kink, BDSM, or fetish.

If you require specific accommodations, please let me know. My dungeon is wheelchair accessible, though most of my furniture is not designed for accessibility.

To help offset gender discrimination and because I love playing with women, trans*, and non-binary folk, I offer a discounted rate to these groups. If you feel that any of these descriptions applies to you, please let me know in your initial inquiry.

I didn't see my favorite activity on your specialties. Do you do ______?

I indulge many fetishes. Please email me with specifics about yours. As a kinky adventurer, I will consider many types of proposals.

Please be sure you have read my rules before you inquire. If you ask for something I've clearly stated I will not do (full service or hard sports, for example), you will not receive a reply.

Will you wear [specific outfit] for my session?

No, but I can assure you that you will be delighted by whatever I choose to wear.

While it pleases me immensely to tantalize my submissives by dressing to their tastes, I do not take specific wardrobe requests. If you have a fetish for latex, leather, corsets, fur, evening gowns, lace, boots, or the like, please let me know in your initial inquiry and I will keep your likes in mind. If you wish to see me in a particular outfit, consider expressing that desire most considerately by asking if you may bring it as a gift.

I loved my time with you. Where can I leave a review?

I have adopted a no-review policy. I ask that all of my playmates refrain from posting on review boards, as they have become a security risk for all members.

However, I do accept testimonials. If you'd like to submit some of your thoughts to be considered for my website, please let me know! I will confirm with you before I publish any of your writing, and will keep the author anonymous.

May I bring you a gift?

Yes you may! This is a fantastic opportunity to make a good impression. Please visit my Indulgences page for a list of my preferences and suggestions for gifting.